2021 e-Conference

Strategy and Execution

Evolving Perspectives

adapting to a changing world

Date of Conference: Sunday 15th August 2021

If 2021 has taught us anything is that change, truly rapid change can happen on a global scale in the time it takes to fly from one country to another on the opposite side of the globe.

All the things we have previously taken for granted – not even been aware of – as we go about our daily lives has changed. It would be a challenge to find anyone who has not, in any way, been affected by what COVID-19 has brought with it as it spread across the globe.

And with these changing circumstances, so too the AIFP must change and evolve. This year’s conference will be online this year. Sessions will be held on different days across an innovative e-conferencing platform.

This year’s theme Evolving Perspectives …adapting to a changing world is a response to what we’ve seen this year and what we want to see moving forward into whatever arrives. The more we are able to be adaptable, flexible, innovative and responsive in these rapidly changing times the more likely we are to feel optimistic about the future and be able to make a difference to all those we connect with in our daily lives.

 Timetable  Sunday 15th August            Speaker                                                


 Opening and Keynote                                                                                  More Info Celeste Bruce                                        BIO
 09:30am Doing business with an improved level of care                                       More Info Lea-Ann McNeil                                     BIO
 10:00am Mindfullness for Professional & Personal Wellbeing                              More Info Joey Busuttil                                          BIO
 10:45am Industry Insights - caring for personal and professional wellbeing     More Info Chantelle O'Neil                                    BIO
 11:30am Panel Discussion - Funeral Industry Perspectives                                   More Info Six Person Panel                                   BIOs
 12:30pm                            Comfort Break  
 12:45pm Dying to learn: A look at alternate technologies and disruptions             More Info Rebecca Lyons                                      BIO
 13:45pm Making a living while being of service                                                      More Info Annetta Mallon                                     BIO
 14:30pm How to market something no one wants                                                 More Info Marcus Willis                                         BIO
 15:15pm Doing Business                                                                                             More Info Jeremy Dart                                           BIO
 16:00pm How to replace fear and anxiety with confidence & skill                      More Info Veronica Lees-Amato                          BIO
 16:45pmMindfullness - aspects of wellbeing and preventing burnout              More Info Jacquie Wise                                         BIO
 17:15pm Trade show continues after the event 
 18:00pm Close of event 

"I must say that I’m quite impressed by the online setup. As I’m sure you’d agree nothing will ever beat the face to face meetings but what you’re presenting here is clearly the next best thing. "

David Clarke

Business Development Manager

Australia Unity

Ticket Pricing:  AIFP members  $40.00   non-members $60.00

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